This blog is intended for people who dislike Brallie and rather have everyone else with a story line instead of some "forbidden" love bullshit.

You can vent about Brallie and/or it's shippers right here, it's all anonymous. Send me an anonymous ask if you need to vent but don't want angry fans on your back.

NOTE: I want to make it clear that this an anti Brandon blog as well.


Now I’m glad Dani got arrested but it makes me kinda mad that Callie never got justice for what Liam did to her

new and improved fangirl challenge [2/20 family ships]: Callie & Jude Jacob

"You’re not gonna split us up, are you? Cause I won’t leave my brother.”


so I finally got around to watching Finding Carter and I love it!

and I can say that Max and Wyatt are literally the same character, personality and all

I’m shooting more for a medium smile.


Lena acknowledging that what Dani did to Brandon was

  1. wrong
  2. illegal


So wrong on so many levels


I really can not express how utterly disgusted I am with ABC Family for featuring the hashtag #Brallie4ever, when Callie was discussing the panic attack she had while with Wyatt. This isn’t a shipping thing. I’m not gonna even engage in an argument about whether Callie is still in love with Brandon. That’s irrelevant. This girl was raped, and is quite obviously suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, made even clearer when she immediately after questioning why she had the reaction she did, visualized seeing her rapist(Liam). I completely understand why Callie would offer forward the explanation that she was still in love with Brandon to explain why she had such an awful reaction to being with Wyatt, but I do not understand how on God’s green earth this network decided it was okay use this opportunity to use that hashtag. I know that this network is obsessed with being big on social media, but to exploit Callie’s trauma just so shipper’s would come out and tweet about this show is just so gross.

Worst, is that when looking through that tag you see shippers cheering the fact that Callie had a complete breakdown, because it might mean good news for their ship. i’m just….I don’t even know what to say. This entire situation is just so wrong. So, so, wrong.

Why do you waste your time hating on characters? Doesn't that just make you angry all the time? Wouldn't you prefer dedicating a blog to something you love that makes you happy. You can just blacklist what you don't like and move on with your life. Not that I ship Brallie, I just find this whole blog disrespectful to the ones that DO ship it. You don't have to accept my opinion, but at least think about it.

I do have my loving blog. It’s mjpeter ◠‿◠

No, I am not angry all the time. I have a blog dedicated to something I love and it makes me really happy.

I will not accept your opinion but good to know I guess!