This blog is intended for people who dislike Brallie and rather have everyone else with a story line instead of some "forbidden" love bullshit.

You can vent about Brallie and/or it's shippers right here, it's all anonymous. Send me an anonymous ask if you need to vent but don't want angry fans on your back.

NOTE: I want to make it clear that this an anti Brandon blog as well.

I'm so glad i found this blog i thought i was one of the only people in the fandom who dislikes brallie. if you don't mind me asking how many followers do you have?

250 :)

About how you think Brallie is toxic... The producers "ship" them, and you can counter that and say they do because of the views it brings, but then how do you explain Maia, Cierra, the dance choreographer, Bailee Madison, and many more who also ship them? I really don't think they would ship a toxic relationship??

They are involved with the show, of course they’ll agree with the fans. Anything to make the fans happy.

I haven't watched the show yet but I saw this and wondered how it was described elsewhere and on Wikipedia I think it describes braille, but not abusive at all. So I'm kinda confused why,not even wikapedia points out the toxicity of theirrelationship

Ah, it’s actually ‘brallie’ and I don’t think people in Wikipedia care about the show enough to go into depth about the toxicity of their relationship? I mean, Wikipedia is usually there just to summarize it quickly.

'why is it okay to hate brandon but not callie' because that would be victim blaming (and yes, she IS a victim. Brandon always goes to her at her weakest moments and takes advantage of that until she's got it in her head that she doesn't need a family, just him) and we all know that's hella shitty. THAT'S why the blame shifts to Brandon. He's the one with the power in the relationship, the one with the power to walk away and he DOESN'T.

Yes. And overall. it’s just really wrong blaming Callie.

She’s been through so much. She’s never had a stable family like Brandon has. She never had the opportunity to just sit down and rest because she’s always looking out for Jude and herself.

Then, she begins to have just a bit of stability and Brandon ruins it.

Of course Callie has power and has a voice in her decisions but victim blaming is not right.

may I ask why you create a site for hating Brandon? I understand why people would invest their time and effort for something they love... but I've never understood such a strong hate like you'd and others posting here. also, why isn't it okay to hate Brandon when it's not okay to hate Callie for her actions? Seems like a double standard to me. I don't think you'll ever change ur mind about Brandon, but I think you're looking at him through colored glasses. I feel sorry for all the hate you have.

My first two previous asks basically answer this.

Love what you're doing here, because I too have been in a toxic relationship and absolutely feel sick when people defend "brallie." It just feels like a huge slap in the face to watch this kind of relationship on such a smart show so thank you for being a voice for people like me who are unsettled and offended by it.

lol calling/paying attention to the problematic aspects of a character and the shitty way it's handled doesn't mean there's too much hate in your heart, it means you have the good sense to see it and not let the show get away with it. It DOES say something about you when you're completely willing to brush those problematic things aside and act like portraying a horrible relationship on TV does no harm and then turn around and insult a REAL person for being smart enough not t go along with it tho

You are correct! 100%.

it's amazing how people can hate a charater or a couple on a tv show so much... your dedication to hating brandon and brallie is unbelievable. there must be so much hate in your heart to actually starts a blog for it. you blame brandon for being such "a selfish asshole" but really what does all of this say about yourself? brandon makes mistakes but his intention mostly good; i don't see any good reason behind your hate.

That’s cool. I really don’t care tbh