This blog is intended for people who dislike Brallie and rather have everyone else with a story line instead of some "forbidden" love bullshit.

You can vent about Brallie and/or it's shippers right here, it's all anonymous. Send me an anonymous ask if you need to vent but don't want angry fans on your back.

NOTE: I want to make it clear that this an anti Brandon blog as well.


brilliant bonus feature idea for the fosters dvds: play the entire season without all of brandon’s scenes

I'm not trying to change your mind but literally you only focus on bad Brandon. Yes at the funeral I disliked Brandon for saying that IMMENSLY. But literally Brandon goes to Callie at the end of the episode and he understands that he can't be with her because she does need family more than brandon

Yeah I focus on the bad because Brandon is literally only bad. There’s nothing good about him.

He understands when it’s too late. He could’ve understood that concept back in 1x05 when she told him she couldn’t be with him but noooo, Brandon has to fuck shit up.

Anyways, thanks for trying but Brandon is the worst. There’s no convincing me otherwise.

Sorry for not updating this blog for these past few weeks!

I’ve been really busy with school ! (ugh yearbook)


The Fosters Name meanings

↳ Girls United

"You know, Callie, we do have a solution, when two girls don't 
get along here in this house. We make them roommates."

Cole and Callie's friendship - requested by anonymous

Jude turned 13 last episode. Connor could already be 13. it could happen. there are people that start to question their sexuality around this age.


He’s still a little kid in my eyes, and I’m not trying to sexualize him or ‘ship’ him with anyone. 

My thing is, while Judicorn seems to already be questioning his identity/sexuality (we don’t even know which one it is because just cause he likes painting his nail doesn’t make him gay, he could be experiencing gender dysphoria which doesn’t necessarily make him gay) that doesn’t mean that Connor sees Jude romantically. Him painting his nail could have just been a show of friendship, of ‘I’ll be your friend no matter how you dress, talk, behave, or what anyone says of you’. Which is how I took it. 

So yeah, he’s 13, but until I’m explicitly showed/told that Jude and Connor are a thing, I ain’t ‘shipping’ it.




this week, brandon foster continues in his quest to be the worst. don’t forget to tune in next week, when things don’t change at all!

You really expect me to believe that an adult would really brush off the idea of a kid in a bar so that he could keep her secret?

I predict Brandon’s dumbass is going to see his dad’s ‘friend’