This blog is intended for people who dislike Brallie and rather have everyone else with a story line instead of some "forbidden" love bullshit.

You can vent about Brallie and/or it's shippers right here, it's all anonymous. Send me an anonymous ask if you need to vent but don't want angry fans on your back.

NOTE: I want to make it clear that this an anti Brandon blog as well.

Jesus Foster, “Say Something”

Okay so if you want me tbh I saw a post of yours in the brallie tag ORIGINALLY on the computer?? So I'm just wondering how people think this is the tumblr apps fault??? Anyways I'm kind of over this and most likely you are telling the truth so I'm just gonna fuck off now. And p.s. don't reply to this with a shitty gif, I am a bitchy woman but a bitchy woman OF CLASS none the less. I expect an actual funny response to my ask.

If you’re a “bitchy” woman, then get a life and stop bugging a teenager on the internet.

I'm so proud of you. I checked your main blog and found out you're only 16 and you're extremely educated on this unhealthy relationship. It's great to see that because most of the brallie shippers are around your age and they just don't realize how bad that relationship is so I'm glad to see there's smart young girls like yourself that see that.

I actually just turned 17 like two months ago lol.

But yeah, I wish for more people to realize how toxic ‘Brallie’ is. I’ve had one relationship and it was pretty “serious” for someone my age and it was honestly extremely toxic. I didn’t realize it until it ended and I look at Brallie and the signs are there. The signs that point that those people are extremely wrong for each other.

I hope that Callie focuses on herself soon. She needs to love herself first.


LOL I guess that’s anti brallie TOTALLY NOT POSTING IN THE BRALLIE TAG, haha silly me.

That’s Tumblr’s fault, not mine.

If you’ve noticed, I’ve never tagged my posts as ‘brallie’

i want u to know i support u in every thing u do

thank you, you rock

in real life if you're in a relationship that is just really bad for both people, you end it. even if you think you love each other it's not good. especially when they're teenagers and will be with so many other people. it's the same with ezira like that was bad from the start

:'D that's a load if shit *wipes away virtual tears* because I CONSTANTLY see your posts IN the brallie tag! Isn't that just hilarious??? Oh AND I shouldn't have to blacklist your bullshit, because a. Brallie tag is for brallie posts and b. It should just be common sense to not be a little shit??? Like idk if you understand this concept??? I mean Idc if you don't ship them just don't be a shithole and ruin people's ship??? No?? Okay then???

Fuck off and just block me then.

remember when brandon told callie “i don’t want you dating anyone”


that’s so gross and creepy

brandon is so horrible for saying that to callie especially since he only knew her for a couple of weeks

i wish more of you guys realized that brallie is not okay.